Reviewing No-Fault Florida Car Accident Laws

In Florida, all auto accidents are managed according to the current no-fault laws. No-fault insurance laws prevent lawsuits unless extenuating circumstances apply. The laws require all victims to manage their own injury claims according to the current auto insurance mandate. A local attorney offers assistance for auto accident victims who need to file a claim.

What is Personal Injury Protection?

Personal injury protection is a policy that is required in a no-fault state to provide medical benefits and coverage for the victim. Each victim in an accident must file a claim through their insurer to collect adequate funds. The policies also pay for death benefits if the victim dies as a result of their injuries.

How are Claims Managed for Accident Victims?

The victims submit an invoice that identifies their medical expenses related to their accident injuries. The insurer pays the medical expenses according to the limits of the personal injury protection insurance. If the cost of medical treatment exceeds the limits, it is possible that the victim may have a viable legal claim.

Is There an At-Fault Driver?

All auto accidents are assessed by law enforcement. Even in a no-fault state, the officers must generate an auto accident report that explains the sequence of events that caused the accident. The driver that caused the accident is identified in the accident report. All drivers who were involved in the accident are also listed in the details. In the event that a legal claim is filed, a copy of the accident report is obtained.

When Can Victim’s File a Lawsuit?

Under no-fault auto accident laws, victims have the legal right to file a claim if they sustain more serious injuries. Among the most common injuries that are classified as serious are brain injuries, a loss of limb, loss of organ function, or a permanent disfigurement.

In Florida, no-fault accident laws require victims to file a claim through their personal injury protection policies first. The limitations of the policies are defined according to the choices made when the policies start. However, victims who sustain serious injuries have a right file a lawsuit. Victims who need more information about Florida Car Accident Laws contact an attorney now.